Dustin Barbagelata

Dustin Barbagelata is a managing partner at Pride Investment Partners LLC. His real estate journey began in 2012 when Dustin purchased his first single-family property as a house hack, to pay for his mortgage. After five years of primary ownership, he sold the property for a substantial gain, and rolled the equity into another single-family home, as well as a multifamily property.

Dustin managed these properties for several years personally, reaping the benefits of passive income, but not enjoying the nuisance of being a landlord. While searching for a better long-term option, he discovered multifamily syndications; where one can benefit from property ownership at scale, without the hassle of dealing with tenants.

Dustin is also an avid yoga practitioner and certified instructor, with six years of teaching experience in the Reno-Tahoe area. Dustin's passion for life is evident in all of his endeavors, and multifamily investing is no different.

Dalton Myas

Dalton Myas is a managing partner at Pride Investment Partners LLC. His partner, Dustin initially piqued his interest in real estate several years back; but the thought of being a landlord and all the associated hassle did not seem worth it to him—especially without the opportunity to scale. After further education and research, Dalton realized that multifamily syndication was the perfect solution—providing all the upside of traditional real estate, but at scale—and without ever having to be a landlord.

In addition to real estate investing, Dalton works as an Engineering Program Manager at Tesla, overseeing multimillion-dollar projects for new products and factories, with a specific focus on identifying opportunities, coordinating teams, mitigating risks, and delivering results. Dalton brings this intellect and attention to detail to his work in multifamily investing.